via Daily Prompt: Impression

The end of an extremely long hot night
I slip in through the door quiet-quiet
as heels click-clack click-clack I spring to toes
I must not wake the neighbours with this riot

I stop to stroke the cats who meow and purr
and feed them their reward; biscuits and fuss
I stumble slightly tipsy t’ward my room
and in the tall mirror look at my truss

facing over shoulder into glass
I find the loops and fret the bow to nought
clumsy fingers pulling at tightened cords
I tug til each lace cross no longer taut

A breath a deep relieving breath and so
I brace and can unhook the metal clasps
two halves of busk fall down sweat wet undone
I feel my skin unfettered give a gasp

These criss-cross markings up and down my back
are memories of times we spent in blue
they bite my flesh with temporary pain
but come the morn they will be gone, like you


Published by

Miss Pouncer

Fledgling word arranger, professional human wrangler, recreational party girl. Having just started a creative writing course in March 2017 I wanted somewhere to collate my progress, the things that inspire me and my own scribblings.

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