Mantras for the end of love

‘keep your dignity’ ‘rise above’

‘stand straight’ and ‘hold your head up high’

These mantras for the end of love

‘don’t ever let ’em see you cry’


‘times a great healer’ so they say

‘things happen for a reason’ – why?

These words are little but cliché

All things must end, all loves must die


and I have never seen the shame

In showing suffering and pain

I tattooed my heart with your name

And now I lose my mind again


‘the best revenge is living well’ or so they say,

but who are ‘they’ to tell me, anyway?


Lisa Pouncer, April 2017


Published by

Miss Pouncer

Fledgling word arranger, professional human wrangler, recreational party girl. Having just started a creative writing course in March 2017 I wanted somewhere to collate my progress, the things that inspire me and my own scribblings.

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